VoSSa Deliver a Blend of Pop & Jazz on ‘Soulfully Jazztified’


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Hong Kong, China – July 16, 2019 – VoSSa has taken the best elements from soul, pop, jazz, and even dance and created a can’t miss musical experience with their perfectly titled debut, Soulfully Jazztified.

Soulfully Jazztified takes pieces of each of its two members and melts them in one big pot. Then serves it to those who like their music with a fusion of flavor. VoSSa notes, “We love to fuse ideas and use a variety of styles and sounds, be it jazz, soul, funk, Latin, electronic, rock, pop, blues, even classical – we find inspiration all around.” With six original tracks and four cover songs, Soulfully Jazztified is sure to please adult contemporary fans both near and far.

When the women of VoSSa came together eight years ago, it was only to play live. Ela Alegre, a DJ, and vocalist paired her skillset alongside Lena Cuglietta’s sax to bring to live a combination not many hear today. With Soulfully Jazztified they’re looking to spread their music even more. Their first dive into the recording process, Ela took the wheel and acted as the writer, producer, arranger and editor for the project.

Alongside her leadership role, Ela also brought 20 years singing experience as well as a decade’s worth of DJing to the table. Working in Hong Kong recording TV commercials and movie soundtracks for almost 15 years, she knows her way around the business. Her partner in VoSSa, Lena Cuglietta, also comes with a cascade of impressive notes on her resume. With a Master of Music in saxophone performance, she has been as active as Ela in the Hong Kong scene for the past 12 years working in big bands, musicals, and well as performing with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta & the Hong Kong Philharmonic.

Ela and Lena both come with their own histories but teamed up they’re ready to make their future in music as VoSSa known around the world with Soulfully Jazztified. Those interested in adding Soulfully Jazztified to their playlists, reviewing the album for their site, or interviewing them can reach out via the information provided below.


Ela Alegre is a singer/DJ with two decades worth of experience under her belt, while Lena Cuglietta is master of the sax who has been playing in the Hong Kong scene for over 10 years. Together they’ve been making a name for themselves playing live as VoSSa since 2011, but now they’re ready to make even more major moves with the release of their debut,  Soulfully Jazztified. A boisterous blend of soul, pop, jazz, and dance, it’s an album that redefines what it means to fuse genres and succeed.

Ela Alegre

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