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Omaha, NE — Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 — Mark Patrick- Versatile Hip Hop Artist/Innovative Entrepreneur , has written and recorded over 300 songs in the past year, released a powerful project in March titled ‘IMPACT’ (which is the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut album Pen and Pad), and is from the home of Malcolm X and Warren Buffet, where his Raleigh Science team is making a huge impact in their community and the hip hop universe as a whole. Dive in and find out what Mark Patrick and crew have going on in the middle of the map… in a place called Omaha, NE.

The universe is embracing the importance of Mark Patrick, and for many reasons. He is passionately determined to make a positive, powerful impact on the world we live in (just as his most recent single/music video ‘IMPACT’ solidifies), and do it through his platform of music & arts. He currently resides in his hometown of Omaha, NE, where he is a part of the powerful collective The Raleigh Science Project, headed by fellow New Generation Music Festival co-founder Marcey Yates, who also runs the operations for the Culxr House in the inner city of Omaha’s Historic District. Culxr House is a venue/studio/record shop/hip hop academy and the beginning of something very special. The Raleigh Science Project knows this is their time, and nobody is stating otherwise.

‘The world seems to be in a place where negative ways of thinking are the norm, with misguided actions and results following. I love how music is a platform that can bring awareness and inspire. Our ideals can reach the masses and impact so many on a large level. This is my hope for my album ‘IMPACT’ and the Impact Movement, as well as the Culxr House, New Culxr Fest, New Generation Music Festival, and the many other impactful ventures/projects/music releases that we are creating here in Omaha.” -Mark Patrick

“So many people think in a box. They need to understand both the light and the dark on new levels and understand they both matter in existence. The balance is the hard part, but as long as a new understanding is reached, we are headed in the right direction. The extremists on either side are damaging everything. Respect to anyone bringing awareness to others and staying active. Keep fighting the good fight, even if you have to do it from a place with less light.” -Mark Patrick (from an interview with DopeCauseWeSaid)

Mark Patrick pours his soul into his music and touches on a lot of important topics in his raw, original, and passionate way that registers deeply with his listeners. He plans to release two more full albums this year, Authority and Different Planes (duo project with Omaha artist Fr!day), and will also be releasing one single per week, beginning on Monday, July 15th, and lasting until the end of the year. He is the self-proclaimed “Hardest Working Mark or Patrick” & “Markdot… Connecting all the dots. Period.”

Mark Patrick has been putting in a lot of work over the last 10 years and shows no signs that he will ever slow up. He is helping organize the New Culxr Festival on 7/27, joining the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards board, revamping his local series that showcases young talent called The New Wave, and much much more. He is in the process of negotiating large concerts featuring Hip Hop Legends, which are going to become regular events in Omaha, similar to his founding of the New Generation Music Festival, which featured Rakim & Talib Kweli in their 2nd year. MP is ALWAYS spreading impactful messages through art and outlets he creates and knows how important it is to have a purpose, with service intertwined in everything.

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Mark Patrick aka Bars Patrick aka Zard Patrick, is pure/raw/passion and creates Hip Hop that makes an impact on anyone who takes the time to actually listen to it. Mark Patrick as an artist, is extremely diverse, with powerful lyrics and crafted delivery, and genuine emotions in it all. He is on a mission, and if you know MP or are familiar with his history, he won’t stop until it is completed and successful. His famous words…”Success Won’t Let Me Rest!”



Mark Patrick
2506 N. 66th Ave


Source: ArtistPR Press Release