Henning Olsen Has a Pair of New Albums Out Now


One of Originals and One of Joni Mitchell Covers

Soeborg, Denmark – December 7, 2018 – In the past year Henning Olsen has been hard at work releasing not only an album of originals, but one of Joni Mitchell covers with his partner in the duo Big Yellow Taxi. Both albums are available now on iTunes.

New As Now features 13 tracks that were bred after one of the hardest times of Henning Olsen’s life. While the tumor doctors found in him was benign, it’s location left him fighting for normalcy. Close to nerves, Henning was left unable to swallow, walk straight, eat, or drink post-op. All of that led him to believe he’d never be able to sing again. Working harder than ever before, he was able to strengthen his vocal cords and deliver superb album fans of The Eagles will enjoy.

Not only is he chalked full of comeback originals but also covers. Joni Mitchell covers to be exact. Part of the duo Big Yellow Taxi, Henning Olsen took on 14 of the songstresses tracks that she wrote when she was a young girl and never released herself. Yes, these are unreleased, rarely heard songs from the Grammy-winner that Henning Olsen is taking on. So it’s a chance to to not only hear Big Yellow Taxi, but some rarities from Mitchell as well. While Big Yellow Taxi do their renditions, they remained loyal to the melodies and style first created by Mitchell herself.

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Henning Olsen experienced a health scare that almost made him lose sight of his music, but he bounced back with his new album, New As Now.

Henning Olsen

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