The Ashok Malli Band Brings Together International Talents for Chartbusting Hits


Songwriter and Producer Ashok Malli Leads The Show

Richmond Hill, New York – December 4, 2018 – When it comes to constructing a hit song, Ashok Malli is the man to go to. Working with a collection of talented singers from the US to Europe, he’s crafted the sweet sounds of The Ashok Malli Band.

Working with professional singers that have had their fair share of TV appearances and radio airplay, Ashok Malli puts not only his heart and soul into them but his trust. As they are the ones who help bring life to the songs he writes. Working with an array of talents, the overall style of The Ashok Malli Band is eclectic and pure. Whether it’s with Los Angeles-based Chad Dexter bringing his all to Ashok Malli’s pop dance track “My Heart Skips a Beat” or the powerful vocal performance of Andrijana Janevska on “When I Hold You In My Arms,” on the country ballad – it’s clear that Ashok Malli and Co. can do no wrong.

Not only is Ashok Malli an accomplished songwriter and composer, but he is also a published poet and author. With all that he has up his sleeve, it’s clear that Ashok Malli is a force. Writing songs that vary genre to genre, he’s able to capture audiences from all over the globe no matter their personal music preference. He has everything from hip-hop to pop to country in his discography.

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Ashok Malli is a talented songwriter and composer crafting songs that cover multiple genres. Teaming up with singers from across the globe, he’s assembled The Ashok Malli Band and they’re ready to take over the charts.

The Ashok Malli Band
Ashok Malli

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