D.S. Wilson Announces the Launch of his Debut Smooth Jazz Album Stella Rose


Seattle, Washington — December 1, 2018 — Producer and recording artist D.S. Wilson just released a debut smooth jazz album entitle Stella Rose that is already receiving airplay on Internet radio worldwide. The album features nostalgic and sultry saxophone melodies, funky grooves and tasteful piano, keyboards and guitars.

D.S. Wilson handles duties on saxophones, piano, and keyboards, while Grammy-nominated drummer T.J. Morris and compatriot Dan Mohler (bass guitar) lay down tight, funky grooves. A few songs feature cameo guitar performances by Eric Jaeger and Rich Kaplan. The album blurs the lines between smooth jazz, funk, pop, and swing, with influences from Steely Dan, David Sanborn, and Dave Koz. The album is available now for listening and purchase on a variety of outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and CDBaby.

“…Greatly executed when it comes to jazz music…” – Stereofox Blog

Recorded at both Big Splash Studio and Deep Well Studio outside of Seattle, the album contains 10 songs that take the listener through a sonic journey of moods from the classy opener “Emma’s Visit” to the catchy “Seattle Rain”, the sexy tunes “Afterglow” and “Siesta Rosadalia”, the dreamy “Daydream” and ending with a 1940’s West Coast Swing-style “Swing Your Baby”.

Limited performance dates are currently being scheduled for 2019.

D.S. Wilson’s October 2018 debut release of his smooth jazz album Stella Rose blurs the lines between jazz, pop, rock, blues, funk, and swing. The album is receiving accolades and worldwide Internet radio airplay and is available on a variety of outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and CDBaby.

To listen and/or purchase the album, please visit: https://dswilson.hearnow.com/


D.S. Wilson’s album Stella Rose blurs the lines between smooth jazz, rock, pop, blues, funk, and swing with a cast of top-notch musicians. His music combines sultry and nostalgic saxophone melodies, funky grooves and tasteful piano, keyboards, and guitar, Visit the artist’s website at https://www.dswilsonmusic.com

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