Brendan Morrison Ends The Year “Rewriting”


New Single Out November 14, 2018

Jacksonville, Florida – November 8, 2018 – Brendan Morrison kicked off the year with a handful of Fear. An album that paired evolved emo ways with the heart of a singer-songwriter, it showcased the importance of facing one’s own fears and pushing past them towards something new. That something new for Brendan is his upcoming single, “Rewriting.”

A song for those who feel lost, often inside their own head, “Rewriting” offers a hand to hold. The lyrics tell the tale of someone whose hope had all but faded away, but then realized that they could indeed rewrite their own fate. A lyrical guiding light in a world that can seem dim, “Rewriting” takes notes from the uplifting spirits set forth by that of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.”

Which is not surprising as Brendan Morrison has been a part of the emo/pop-punk scene since 2012. Then he was a member of the post-hardcore band We Cry Mercy. Winning the annual Battle of the Bands, they won a slot of Vans Warped Tour playing both Scranton, Pennsylvania and Columbia, Maryland. While they found a hint of success at the moment, they disbanded shortly after their Warped debut. Brendon took that time to put music on hold, finish college, and pack his things in New York and move to Florida.

After a number of years out of the scene, he realized he had music in his heart and decided to go for it once more. This time solo in 2017. An EP, record, and handful of singles later, he’s back in the true swing of things. He’ll be playing “Rewriting” live for those in Florida who head out to his upcoming shows on November 10th at Jax Veg Fest in Jacksonville, and November 21st at the Vegan Cookbook Show in St. Augustine.

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Brendan Morrison is an emo inspired singer-songwriter from Florida who is ending 2018 with the release of his uplifting single, “Rewriting.”

Brendan Morrison

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