Detroit Rapper Jonnie Morris Drops His Highly Anticipated First Album “It’s Beautiful And All Good”


Detroit, Michigan — November 3, 2018 — “It’s Beautiful And All Good” is an album that perfectly introduces it’s listeners to Jonnie’s story, from how he was raised to what he’s faced up until the point he is at in his life. With songs such as “The Road” And “Progression” to lead the way, Jonnie does so with force, delivering lyrics with a raspy tone of voice, that instantly engages fans with meaning, behind heavy hitting instrumentals and hooks that easy to learn and recite.

Rap fans alike are raving over the release, with even. Credible sources such as stating, “It’s snatched a permanent spot on my playlist for the remainder of the year & I strongly encourage giving it listen if you haven’t already.” The album is sure to give those seeking a brand new sound and a revival of true lyrics in music something refreshing to listen to and anticipate more. “ It’s Beautiful And All Good “ is available Now on all digital platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal.

“It’s All Beautiful and All Good” is a short, effective, & replay worthy introduction into Detroit’s Jonnie Morris. I truly enjoyed all six records, & had a hard time finding any shortcomings other than wanting more music to listen to after finishing.” – Commi$$ion,

It’s Beautiful And All Good is an effective replay worthy yet small sampling from rising Detroit Artist Jonnie Morris, yet at the same time gives listeners just enough room to anticipate more from the Michigan native.

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Jonnie Morris



Source: ArtistPR Press Release