Day Dreams Release ‘Something to Say, Pt. 2’


New Alternative Rock Album Out Now

London, England – October 30, 2018 – Within two months last year Day Dreams released a pair of records that introduced them to the world. After almost a year of taking things to a new level, the one-man show is back with Something to Say, Pt. 2.

From a small room in London with only his talent and computer at his side, Day Dreams has created a sound that is the budget-friendly marriage between Pink Floyd’s experimentation and U2’s captivation. Elevating style and sound with each release, Something to Say, Pt. 2 take listeners on a ride that’s filled with sonic scapes and emotive vocals that express “from real people to real people” throughout.

Day Dreams says the best way to describe the music is to simply put headphones on. A welcoming sentiment as listeners will be able to block out the sounds of the real world and escape into the one painted by Day Dreams alternative compositions on Something to Say, Pt. 2.

Those interested in adding any music to their alternative playlists or interviewing Day Dreams can reach out via the information provided below.


One man in a small apartment with only a computer and a knack for sound is Day Dreams. With two albums from his past and one in his present, Day Dreams is ready for more to hear his alternative ways.

Day Dreams



Source: ArtistPR Press Release