Jonel Tjay Represents Haiti with “Bobolin”


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October 16, 2018 – Jonel Tjay may have left Haiti when he was a mere nine-years-old, but the island nation had already provided him with a gift of music that would undoubtedly take him far in life. We heard what the talented dance hall musician could do on his 2013 debut, New Life and are hearing it evolved with his 2018 single, “Bobolin.”

Taking a page out of the Afro Dancehall book, “Bobolin” is a hype machine when it comes to getting crowds going. The energy presented is never ending as Jonel Tjay grabs you by the collar and makes you shake, move, and groove until the song’s last beat comes through. Released in May 2018, “Bobolin” follows the release of Jonel Tjay’s 2013 debut, New Life. Which was 17 tracks of pure entertainment. Now with “Bobolin,” he plans to keep those dancehall vibes going.

Born in Haiti and later living in Cayenne (French Guiana), he was always surrounded by music. From his father’s gospel band to his own groups he was in and out of as he got older. While he found success with one of his gospel groups, he decided to go solo in 2007. It was then that his island sound really started to blossom and come into its own. Now everything he does captures the beauty of his heritage in sound.

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Jonel Tjay is a dancehall musician with Haitian roots who just dropped his dynamic new single, “Bobolin.”

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