Newmarket — July 17, 2018 — Someone finds this Nemo! Young Saint Nick grew up without a father for 7 years and conquered the odds to seal in radio play, TV play, magazine placement and interview arrangement by himself! Not to mention a whopping 1.7 million Soundcloud plays, this talented success is on his way to achieving all of his dreams! With the help of his partner in crime, producer and best friend Victor Ardene! Young Saint Nick, the dancer! The writer! The rapper! The singer! The manager.

Calling all major record labels! This kid Young Saint Nick has been throwing some of the worst and has multiple movie ideas about his intriguing life, with songs to match the movies! You can find the song “Finding Nemo” on Soundcloud along with his mixtape “Raised in the Studio” which backs up Young Saint Nick’s infatuating lifestyle behind the scenes of the studio and the streets! Whoever is meant to find Nemo is surely to find him when the time is right!

This is Crack Music! great production quality and the voice of an angel combining with each other and thus, a new star is born!

Young Saint Nick was deep in the streets when his Dad found him sleeping on couches and grinding to survive! When his Dad found him he turned his life around and turned to artistic outlets. YSN goes in depth into his life in the streets without his father to be displayed for the world to see on 3 album teasers, an 8 track album in 150+ digital stores and a 10 track mixtape you can find all on Soundcloud if you search “Young Saint Nick!”

Find this Nemo! There has got to be a major record label interested in working with Young Saint Nick! With so many fresh ideas that grip your soul, it’s no telling where this kids extraordinary work ethic will take him!
Come to give Young Saint Nick’s brand new website a visit! With Songs! Social media! Contact info! Pictures! And a biography!


Young Saint Nick & Victor Ardene first met in the hospital and they were later reunited threw mutual friends when they made their first song together, “Moving On.” Victor had already had the beat done and Young Saint Nick had lyrics that went along with the song title already, you could tell early on Nick was on his way to catching up to some of his lyrical influences such as Eminem in ways every Slim Shady fan with an enthusiasm for writing probably imagines. They then created the hook together which Victor sang with Nick on the backups and wrote the rest of the 3rd verse, recorded it, mixed and mastered it to post on Youtube and later publish in 150+ digital stores on the album “Welcome to the Streets.” They almost got signed twice by 2 different record labels but unfortunately or perhaps, fortunately, didn’t make the final cut. That was for their song “HER” which is on the album Welcome to the Streets. They also just got recently selected for a showcase in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which they will be doing at the end of May 2018.

Young Saint Nick & Victor Ardene
Nicholas Jay Coborn
43 Gladman Avenue, appt 1
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