Rhythm Muscle Plan To Deliver Old School Flare with Next Album


R&B Rock With A Classic Twist

Spartanburg, South Carolina – June 21, 2018 – Without the foundation of a great friendship Rhythm Muscle would have ceased to exist. That is what Lee Richburg and John Rutledge based the whole band around when they formed in 2014. After Lee’s untimely death, John continued on with a handful of like-minded individuals that have rounded out their R&B meets rock meet old school sound that brings the ways of the ‘70s and ‘80s into today.

Joining John on his musical journey is George Mixson (bass), Bunny Clyde (saxophone), Dana Bradley (vocals), Michael Blythe (keyboards), and Gary Richie (guitar). Every musician brings their own history and talent to the table. Rutledge performed at Buddy Guy’s Blues Club in Chicago and The Wynn Hotel in Vegas. Mixson has played on a variety of military bases throughout Florida and Georgia. Bunny, a devotee of musical variety, can play everything from funk to R&B, Motown, and southern soul. He’s been a member of Quincy Jones’s workshop in LA, toured with Fly-Flock and TV personality Tom Joyner, and played lead sax for the legendary Dramatics of Detroit. Meanwhile, Bradley was brought up belting hymns in a Baptist church in South Carolina.

With everything from performing with legends to doing their own impressive amount of touring under their belt, the men and women who make up Rhythm Muscle are about to embark on delivering what promises to be their best album yet. Following the success of their 2016 hit single, “Tears Dry on Their Own,” John Rutledge promises the next batch of songs will top that single’s internet radio success. He notes, “This will be a fun album with ’70s and ’80s flair. Raw music like ours is really missing from the industry and we’re looking to revive it,” adding, “Michael and Jeff traditionally write lyrics which are taken to Dana. Then we all collaborate to create the sound. We are excited to put out some new material and we trust both these songwriters. We’re also trying to get a music video off the ground!”

Those interested in getting their hands on the new album before it drops for reviews, features, and playlists can reach out via the information provided below.


Rhythm Muscle is an R&B meets rock meets old school band consisting of a multitude of talented acts from across the board. They’ve toured throughout the US and are about to release 11 new tracks on their upcoming album.

Rhythm Muscle
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