TK Jones Drops “Ready for the Weekend”


New Single Featuring Fedarro Out Now

Honolulu, Hawaii – June 9, 2018 – There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t look forward to the weekend. The instant smile a Friday afternoon brings is hard to capture but TK Jones seems to have done it with his latest single, “Ready for the Weekend.” A mood. A lifestyle. A hit single in the making.

“Ready for the Weekend” starts off slow but picks up sooner than later as it welcomes listeners to one of the most universal moods known to man; those glorious days known as the weekend. Time away from work and responsibility, even if for only a couple of days – the feeling is amazing and so is this song. “Ready for the Weekend” embodies that joyous feeling the weekend brings but delivers it in a way that stays cool, calm and collected as the beats aren’t overdone but right on point as TK Jones and Fedarro have a great balance throughout.

Those who want to get their weekend off to the right start by featuring “Ready for the Weekend” can reach out via the information provided below.


TK Jones is an emcee from Hawaii who has captured the essence of the weekend with “Ready for the Weekend” featuring Fedarro.

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