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Seattle, Washington – May 5, 2018 – Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy have spent their days playing everywhere from Austin to Portland. Now this Pacific Northwest is bringing it back home with a month-long tour that will take them through Washington and down the west coast, with their lead singer doing some solo shows along the way.

Wes Speight leads this pack of rockers as the singer and songwriter who may have that old school sound but has a very modern, punk mentality. Drawing comparisons to Glenn Danzig, it was no wonder he meshed well with bassist Jonathan Murphy and drummer Glendon Kisner. Murphy was a punk rock skater growing up while Kisner spent his time before landing in Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy banging it out in a metal band. Together they bring forth a great rock sound on their latest EP, The Procession.

Each member of Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy brings their particular background and style not only to their albums but also to their live performances that have taken them around the world and back. They’ve played the locally in Seattle, the Southwest and even overseas and beyond. They’re a band that doesn’t sit still. Always on the move, they’ll be hitting the road again, playing throughout May and June, with Wes playing more on his own through July.

Those interested in heading out to a show for review, interviewing the band when they’re in town or by email, or reviewing the music can reach out via the information provided below.


Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy is a rock band with a new EP and tour dates.

Tour Dates:
May 11th @ Substation (The Chandlier Room) – Seattle, WA (solo)
May 12th @ The Hi-Fidelity Lounge – Bremerton, WA
May 17th @ Darrell’s Tavern – Shoreline, WA (solo)
May 25th @ Northwest Folklife Festival (Fisher Green Stage 2:50-3:20pm)
June 2nd @ Darrell’s Tavern – Shoreline, WA
June 28th Tour Kickoff show! @ Slims Last Chance – Seattle, WA
June 30th @ Hollywood Revolver Bar – Couer d’Alene, ID
July 14th @ Caffe Trieste – Monterey, CA (solo)
July 17th @ Vampire Lounge – Los Angeles, CA (solo)

Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy
Wes Speight

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