New Single OUT NOW for immediate release – Jacksonville, FL – March 10, 2018 – Meet the rap phenom whose tight flow and razor sharp production are sure to be heard through speakers across the globe.


JACKSONVILLE — April 8, 2018 — Sir Rickey is the type of artist capable of expressing himself in a way that can captivate any audience. There is no denying his exclusive style and motivating messages wrapped in blankets of analogies. This is a breath of fresh air in a polluted world.

Born in Macon, Ga in November of 1984, Rickey Evans was subjected to more stresses than a child his age should understand. Early in life, writing became his release. He started out with poems and became quite the competitor until he fell in love with composing music. Since then he has established his mark as a musician with an irrefutable amount of attention to detail that paints a clear image of his exceptional storytelling talents. His latest single, “So Far” clearly gives a visual for his growth from a young age.

Sir Rickey is a father to five beautiful daughters and his biggest aspiration is to transform this world into a place that would be more conducive to a happy, healthy lifestyle. In his opinion, it is not enough to give structure and direction to his family and friends but also to anyone in need. In a recent interview, he was quoted saying “I don’t believe that I can truly achieve any reputable level of success on my own. In order to meet my personal definition of success, I must create concrete avenues of success for people around me and anyone else that I have the power to help.”

Sir Rickey has performed on shows such as Camden County’s “Vickipalooza” and BET’s 106 & Park(2010). His talent for designing his emotions with words stretches across a wide variety of possible markets but his humbleness is genuine. If you are in the market for changing the face of hip-hop, you have everything you need with this emerging artist. Remember his name, you will surely hear it again: Sir Rickey.

With so much going on in the entertainment industry as it relates to worldwide exposure, there is no better time to assess our direction of influence. It is imperative that we acknowledge the dire need to raise the bar of respect for ourselves and one another as a community. This is an artist who has a unique perspective on his responsibility to the world and I have faith in his ability to communicate with our youth in a way that promotes positivity and growth. We owe it to our communities to spread his message.


Sir Rickey
Rickey Evans Jr
5218 Astral Street
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