TH Creative NYC Presents Liah Alonso’s “Waiting For The Wind”


New Single Available Worldwide April 20, 2018

New York, New York – April 8, 2018 – Singer-songwriter Liah Alonso (AKA Gypsy Cowgirl) is releasing her latest single “Waiting For The Wind” produced by Thomas Hutchings on April 20, 2018, at 548 West 28th St Art Space, 8-11pm.

Liah started performing for anyone, anywhere at the age of five. She’d make up songs about whatever was happening at the moment. At 17 she moved to Mexico from New York to open a tattoo studio and sing in a rock band. She became more focused on songwriting when she found the courage to leave a bad relationship in Mexico. She left the life she knew to start over in New York where she’s been actively performing and writing with her band, The Gypsy Cowboys, to tell her story of survival and living your dream as an independent 21st-century woman.

“I wrote the song ‘Waiting For The Wind’ about trusting in your inner light and following where that light takes you, following the whispers of the wind, and being grateful for where you are; as the wind is blowing through the trees, as the breath is in the lungs. I wrote this song for all the dreamers. Everyone following a dream and listening to the wind to know what that dream is.”-Liah Alonso


Liah Alonso is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter from New York City. Her music combines political activism with personal storytelling with cleverly crafted and catchy folk-rock songs. Since her early years as a professional busker in the NYC subways, through a 5-year run with folk-rock duo Left On Red, to her current solo performances, Liah has performed in notable venues throughout the USA, Mexico, and South America. Most recently Liah has been invited to share her songs among the supercharged political climate of New York City’s resistance movement, offering a joyful vehicle for people to participate and express themselves in a peaceful manner.

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