DaKid Kyte and DatBoy Slim Represent the MoneyTrain Bandits


Cause We Felt Like It Vol.1 Out June 11, 2018

Atlanta, Georgia – April 4, 2018 – Coming out of the gate as artists, producers, and songwriters both DaKid Kyte and DatBoy Slim come together as the MoneyTrain Bandits for their upcoming release, Cause We Felt Like It Vol. 1, out June 11, 2018.

With nothing but the talent on their backs DaKid Kyte and his youngest of eight siblings, six boys and two girls, DatBoy Slim weren’t dealt the best hands in life. Poverty claimed their childhood, but their drive to make something of themselves drove them to fight. They didn’t have any handouts along the way as no one in their life came with a connection in the music industry. Everything they’ve gained since they started penning rhymes has been the result of hard work and dedication.

Current rising stars in the hip-hop realm, they’ve spent much of their time making a name for themselves around the Hotlanta area. Playing everywhere from the Libra Lounge to Battle for Atlanta, DaKid Kyte and DatBoy Slim have proven they are a force to be reckoned with as they represent real music.

DaKid Kyte notes where that realness comes from, “I’ve been through what I’ve done in my life what I’ve survived what I’ve lost what I’ve gained. From losing homies to gaining my freedom back after 10 years on probation and that’s what makes it different from any music that’s out right now it’s my real story nothing fabricated.”

They’re bringing their reality to the table and then some on their upcoming June 2018 release, Cause We Felt Like It Vol. 1. They ran into some problems getting samples cleared in time so the album had to be pushed back from April to June 2018.

Those interested in reviewing or featuring the album or interviewing DaKid Kyte and DatBoy Slim AKA the MoneyTrain Bandits can get in touch via the information provided below.


DaKid Kyte and DatBoy Slim also known as the MoneyTrain Bandits are ready to release their new album, Cause We Felt Like It Vol. 1 on June 11, 2018.

MoneyTrain Recordings
DaKid Kyte & DatBoi Slim

Official Site: http://www.moneytrainrec.com
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