Auti’s Debut Album, JAKIL


Atlanta — April 3, 2018 — The aspiring music artist from Atlanta has finally announced his release date for his upcoming album, JAKIL. After dropping his two singles, “LOVE STORIES” and “Butterflies”, Auti decided that it was time to go all in and show off his unique sound in an upcoming album.

After getting a buzz and a total of 23.7k streams on streaming services, it’s finally time for Auti to show his fans and others skeptical of his talents, what all he has in store in tackling his music career.

During an interview with ARTLMUSIC, Auti didn’t hesitate to go into detail about what you may hear when listening to JAKIL, “ I always had this idea in my head about making a story about the things I had been through in the last 7 months. I personally love albums that have a story to it, and creating a story would also help to amplify the writing process and the emotion and feeling put into this project.“ He also proceeded to say that his inspirations for the sound of the album are Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Jaden Smith, Travis Scott, and Tyler the Creator.

The story of Auti, JAKIL will be releasing on Friday, 4/20 according to his posts on Instagram and Twitter so be sure to follow and keep your eyes open to find out where to get it.

Until then, keep your hearts afloat by listening to Auti’s older music on whatever streaming service you use.


Auti Jakil
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Source: ArtistPR Press Release