Afropop Group A2VT Releases New Single/Video, “Faas Waa” in Maay Maay Bantu Language


Burlington, VT 05401 — March 21, 2018 — Burlington, Vermont based African musical group A2VT debut their latest single with a music video called, “Faas Waa,” on Wednesday, March 21st. This is the fifth single and video from the group, who dance and sing in several African languages. A full-length album is expected out by late 2018.

The upbeat song is influenced by Jamaican Dancehall style, yet with a strong African flavor. “It’s basically a love song,” says singer Jilib (Said Bulle). “I sang half of it in Maay Maay and half in English. We Bantus are trying to keep our language alive since it has only been a spoken language up until recently. ‘Faas waa’ means ‘beautiful’ in Maay Maay.” The bridge features MG Man (George Mnyonge) singing in Swahili.

The video again finds founding members Jilib and MG Man collaborating with some dancers featured in prior videos, all who have come to the U.S. as refugees from several war-torn African nations. A2VT perform at schools and festivals all over New England and will be headlining the Coleco Arts Festival in Dover, NH on August 17th.

The video was filmed at The Lyric Theater Company, South Burlington, VT and North End Studios, Burlington, VT, and is directed by Aidan Patterson of Champlain College.

The song was recorded at Creamy Goodness Studio, Burlington, VT and was produced by David Cooper.

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A2VT are:
Jilib (Somalia), MG Man (Tanzania), with dancers Li’l B, Lu Swag and Prince Oliv.
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Source: ArtistPR Press Release