Eric Ter Proves It’s Never Too Late To Dream


66-Year-Old Blues Guitarist Keeps Trucking

Puteaux, France – March 14, 2018 – On the cusp of celebrating his 60th year on earth Eric Ter won a special Blues award from SACEM in 2007. Ten years later he’s still going strong as he will soon grace the April cover of Guitariste Magazine (France). The proof is in the milestones and accomplishments; one is never too old to dream and more importantly, achieve.

A lover of both the soul of the Blues and the excitement of rock, Eric Ter marries the two in his executions and has been for some time. He released his first album in the mid-70s. Funky Bop proved to be a great effort as a self-produced record. From there he continued to do things his way throughout the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and today. With over a dozen records to his name, including his latest from Chic Parisien, Play It Up!, Eric Ter has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Eric Ter is a man who makes the most universal language of all; music. With that though, he writes and performs mostly in English but loves to toss French into the mix when the songs call for it. Eric spent much of his career collaborating with a multitude of musicians from across the globe but has recently teamed up with bassist Silvio Marie and drummer extraordinaire, Fabien Messonnier.

Like many musicians, Eric Ter moved to Los Angeles in the late ’70s and lived there for almost two decades before a strain of bad luck hit. He’d opened a successful recording studio but a robbery left him without his equipment and car. Soon after the big 1994 earthquake came and with that Eric decided it was time to pack what he had left and continued his career back in France.

A man that knows perseverance and hard work, Eric Ter has never and will never stop because music runs through him like oxygen. Those interested in featuring Play It Up! or interviewing the go-getter can reach out via the information provided below.


Eric Ter is a 65-year-old Blues guitarist who has been through the ringer and came out a champion, and with over a dozen records to his name, he’s not done. His latest, Play It Up! is out now via Chic Parisien.

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