Rabid Ivy Joins Roswell X For ‘The Incident’


New Album Out Soon

Roswell, New Mexico – March 9, 2018 – Rabid Ivy is involved in a number of projects, including hooking up with Roswell X on a new and exciting album that is sure to have rock fans craving more.

Rabid Ivy is joining Roswell X for the new album, The Incident. Working with Jimmy Mac (vocalist, rhythm guitarist), Ralph E. Boye (lead, rhythm guitarist), Allan Paschall (lead, rhythm guitarist), Little Joe (drums), has proven to be the perfect match. Mac served as the primary songwriter on the record, drawing influence from KISS, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and even a little Elvis to provide hard rock fans with something that has definitely been missing from the mainstream. With their music, Roswell X hopes to bring back classic hard rock with The Incident which features their lead singles “Kiss of Fire” and “Used To.”

As for Rabid Ivy, The Incident is just the latest coming from his direction. He has two more projects including Roswell X; Circuit and Innerkill. After the album drops, the New Mexico natives plan on touring to promote. Rabid Ivy will then turn his focus on to his metal project, InnerKill, re-recording songs that were written and recorded a decade ago. He plans on enlisting the skills of Allan Paschall for this project, among other local talents to form this heavy metal group.

Those interested in reviewing The Incident, featuring the music, or interviewing the artists can reach out via the information provided below.


Rabid Ivy and Roswell X have come together to bring forth The Incident, a record that’s going to bring back hard rock.

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