Bo Johnson Drops New Single EP “I’m Moving On”


Four Versions of the Brand New Single Out Now

Malmo, Sweden – February 20, 2018 – After eg. helping Lodato and Joseph Duveen reach number one on Billboard with “Older“, X Ambassadors reach number five on DJ Times with “Unsteady”, and his successful single “When Dragons Cry” in 2017, Bo Johnson is ready to make another big mark on the world with not one, two, or three versions of his brand new single, “I’m Moving On” – but four.

Teaming up with Laura Cavacece for “I’m Moving On,” Bo Johnson decided to really outdo himself. Already proven to be a master of remixes, the songwriter, producer and DJ/artist decided that one version of his first 2018 release wasn’t enough. Before others had a chance to put their spin on it, he got to work and busted out four different versions. It showcases not only his skill set but versatility.

Seven years after he picked up the piano Bo Johnson began DJing at the tender age of 14-years-old. Knowing he wanted something real to hold onto he attended the University of Kalmar to study music management and started to write and produce as well. Soon after graduation, he started his own label; BJ Music. To date, the budding DJ has had several songs played around the world, both remixes and originals.

A rising name in the electronic scene, Bo Johnson is not only a gem as a songwriter, producer and DJ, but as a businessman too. Those interested in featuring any one of the four versions of “I’m Moving On” or interviewing Bo Johnson can get in touch via the information below.


Bo Johnson is a dynamic songwriter, producer & artist/DJ with four versions of his latest single featuring Laura Cavacece, “I’m Moving On”, out now.

Bo Johnson

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