Platinum Boyz Drop “End Of The Day”


New Single Out Now

Katy, Texas – February 1, 2018 – Why have one talented emcee when you can have two? That’s what listeners get with Platinum Boyz. T-Famous and T Tha Great are just two skilled rappers from the great state of Texas who have not one, not two, but three singles out right now and one on the way.

Last year Platinum Boyz dropped their debut single, “Making Moves” in the summer. A hit all about making money and turning up in the best way possible, “Making Moves” was followed in the fall with an anthem for all of those who struggle day to day, “Always Wanted to Shine.” Now they are kicking off the new year with the equally inspiring “End of the Day.”

With a chilled demeanor, The Platinum Boyz is a nice outlet for hip-hop fans who just want to kick back to music that not only sounds good but also has rhyme and reason behind it. Those interested in adding “End of the Day” to their playlists, featuring the song or the guys on their site, or interviewing Platinum Boyz can get in touch via the information provided below.


Platinum Boyz are a rap duo from Texas with a trio of singles out now, including their latest, “End of the Day.”

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