Andrew David Drops Debut ‘HR621’


Singer-Songwriter Out Now

Minneapolis, Minnesota – November 9, 2017 – A year ago Andrew David decided it was time to pursue his dreams. With that, he started to write and record his debut album. Come September 1, 2017, HR621 was ready to meet the world. An album from a singer-songwriter with the heart of a folk artist, HR621 dives into some heavy topics.

HR621 tackles universal subjects that everyone faces to some degree, but that are rarely open about.  With sincerity, Andrew David dives into death, suicide, unsureness and more on that same wavelength on HR621. From his lead single “For Some” to “No Hope” to “The Gamble,” Andrew David is on point throughout.

Currently making his presence known on a local level, Andrew David is spending his time working promoting throughout the Minneapolis area, while simultaneously working on new music for 2018.

A new artist, he admits that he still has some things to learn and is excited about the opportunities and knowledge coming his way as he continues to write and record his next album.

Those interested in hearing HR621, featuring or reviewing the album, or interviewing this new artist can reach out via the information below.


Andrew David is a new singer-songwriter on the scene with his debut album, HR621, out now.

Andrew David
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