Music in true art form that begs the listener to not only dance, head nod and gyrate, but to feel most importantly.


Wilmington, DE USA — August 21, 2017 — Artist 2econd has some of the most common influences in hiphop; Tupac, Biggie, Nas, and Nicki Minaj to name a few. 2econd’s style although influenced by many of the great artist of our time, offers a unique sound, with lyrical content that has yet to be explored in hip hop. Words to describe his message range from comedic, violent, graphic, witty, semi-political all in one. Mainly because of the lingo 2econd uses in his lyrics that offer a unique look at life and struggle from a area in that has been getting a lot of negative press as of late, Wilmington, DE a place few of us know about aside from a reference to Vice President Biden’s political home front.

Hip hop, trap music, hardcore rap enthusiast who are craving a new sound with a unique approach should truly consider keeping an eye out for 2econd’s first single release. Chill Fam 2econd’s first single will be available on iTunes August 28th 2017.

Described by many on twitter 2econd is being considered one of the most underrated artist of our generation.

New Artist 2econd will represent a underrepresented voice in the national hip hop community that offers a side of life and perspective from a virtually unknown part of the country. 2econd delivers on relevant content, lyrical prowess all while delivering a strong message. Be on the lookout for new artist 2econd.

Visit 2econd on twitter @drrkfuller to listen and download a free copy of “izza homi” a featured track on his twitter account as a pinned tweet.


Derrick Fuller
422 Bethune Drive

twitter: @drrkfuller


Source: ArtistPR Press Release