Cha-li-x Releases New Single “Dung Deh”


Benna Gone Global Out Now

St. Johns, Antigua – August 7, 2017 – Growing up in Antigua, Cha-li-x found himself in love with two sounds; the one native to his Caribbean setting and one flowing in from the states. Artists like Bob Marley gave him his love of Reggae but soon enough he’d stumble upon hip hop. Come the mid-90’s he would find a way to fuse the two together and make something of his own. Today he’s still riding high on his record Benna Gone Global, and his latest single “Dung Deh.”

By the late 90’s Cha-li-x had emerged himself in the dancehall scene and found a place for his fusion style. By 2000 he was performing and really making a name for himself alongside Lee p Ching. By 2013 though Cha-li-x decided it was time to head out on his own once more and focus on his solo career.

Today he’s still performing in and around St. Johns in Antigua but hopes to cross over into the United States in the near future. Miami first due to their Caribbean influence in their music scene, and then elsewhere from there. Those interested in hearing more from Cha-li-x, or adding Benna Gone Global or “Dung Deh” to their playlists, can reach out via the information provided below.


Cha-li-x is an artist from St. Johns, Antigua who took his love of hip hop and reggae and fused it together to create his own style.

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