Donald Miclette / GulfWarVetMusic Is A New Upcoming Indie Singer/Songwriter Out To Help Violence In The World


St.Charles Mo — August 1, 2017 — Myself being a Veteran and a Singer/Songwriter can see the violence that is being spread in the world today. The songs created by myself are about trying to get the message out there so people know that other people do care.

First song written was called “What’s The World Coming To “. This song was written after the death of a Police Officer in the St. Louis area and all the hardships his family endured.

The second song I wrote is called “Shots Fired “. This song was written due to again all the violence in the world today. Every time the TV was turned on all you see is violence everywhere in the world. This needs to be a joint effort to repair this problem.

In short all or most of the songs written are from life learned issues from the time in the Military . They are also about the damage control that needs to be seen by everyone in the world not just certain areas .

To hear the songs spoken about check out the tracks on .


Myself being a GulfWarVet and seeing death first hand can tell whatpeople are going through with all this violence. Here is the link to the tracks written and composed.

Donald Miclette
Donald Miclette
409 Morgan St Apt B St.Charles Mo 63301



Source: ArtistPR Press Release