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Country Singer Wants to Pen for Others


Lockport, New York – May 16, 2017 – Hit songs on the radio are rarely penned by those who sing them. That’s just a fact. They are created by a songwriter, someone who knows how to construct a song from a mere idea or emotion. People like Michael Shawn make the music world go round, and now he wants to focus on writing for others as much as he writes for himself.

An artist himself, Michael Shawn has seen a myriad of success on his own. He spent several years performing with the band Step in Country in the ’90s. From there a new band was spawned, Michael Shawn and the Good Ol Boys Western New York. It was then with that band that they landed an opening slot with American Idol’s Kellie Pickler at the Labatt Blue Canal Series in Lockport, New York come 2013. After that he and the band saw their fair share of local success being featuring in the Union Sun and Journal.

Just this year Michael Shawn dropped Lost in Memories, and also the single “Riley’s House.” Come next year he’ll release A Cowboy’s Journey. While content on making his own music, Michael also wants to put his talent to good use with other artists as well. Listening to his music, one can tell he knows his way around song construction and lyrics well. He writes with what he describes as a “homegrown flair,” and says it’s a “modern day twist in a country style, every song tells a story.”

Those interested in adding “Riley’s House” to their playlists, interviewing Michael, or want to connect about songwriting opportunities can get in touch via the information provided below.


Michael Shawn is a seasoned county musician with a new album out, who wants to spread his talent by songwriting for other artists.

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