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Toronto, Canada – May 16, 2017 – Over a dozen albums to his name since 1999, Charles Boyd isn’t focused on the monetary rewards that come with making music but rather the getting it out there to the listeners. That is why he is offering all of his releases for free on his website.

Crossing the lines between adult contemporary and indie, all while adding a comedic twist. That’s what Charles Boyd has been doing for over two decades now. A finalist in CBC Radio Canada’s “Young Composer of the Year” in 1992, he showed major promise early on in his career. Due to a mental health condition, he’s shied away from the stage, and even interviews but has not allowed his health to put a halt on his music in the least. Not only a singer, he also tackles the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums on his albums. All of which, again, are available for free here.

Featured on Jango and Radio Airplay, he’s gotten a good amount of attention. This is especially true with his single “Fire.” Over 1,500 listens on its own, someone took it to YouTube where it’s racked up over 15,000 plays and counting. People must be in tune with his honest and comedic charm that shines through in his music. He notes of his sound, “I am more like a homegrown version of The Lonely Island, Weird Al Yankovic, and David Bowie,” adding about how his mental health plays a part, “I have schizophrenia and this shows in the music. Music is necessary for my sanity.”

Those interested in hearing more can visit his site here. Those interested in adding any or all of Charles Boyd’s music to their playlists can get in touch via the information below.


Charles Boyd is a contemporary indie artist with a comedic twist whose schizophrenia plays a role in his overall sound. He’s released 15 albums since 1999, and all are available for free on his site.

Charles Boyd

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