Cielo y Tierra (Shamanic World – Progressive Fusion), Releases a New Single, “Phoenix”, May 19th.


Mexico City, Mexico. — May 19, 2017 — Phoenix is the first single out from the most mature album created by Pedro Vadhar, Recuerdos del Futuro (Memories of the Future). A signature blend of live Native American chants and instrumentation expertly woven with warm electronic notes.

The sounds of Fenix are designed to reach and please all people’s ears and hearts, but it appears that listeners with some level of consciousness will be the first to choose to connect with Fénix. This usually happens with that kind of songs through a natural identification and the mystical urge of becoming the living soundbox of the instruments, permitting the Music to reach the edges of the universe.
The release will happen on where the link to Amazon, ITunes and CdBaby download pages will be published on Friday, May19th at sunrise time.

The theme Fénix (Phoenix) is the invocation of a state of Presence, together with our own lineage. It generates a sense of allegory, and the power to feel part of one tribe, one heart and one common vision. It is the image of our own flight, the opportunity to watch ourselves opening our wings toward the incomprehensible, and from our Silence, remember that we can consume our dreams without having anything to defend : serene and detached.

Fenix (Phoenix) makes us aware of rising up from ashes, now more powerful than ever. Keep your senses open next Friday: Light and Shadow will be dancing.

Visionary artist Pedro Vadhar and its band Cielo y Tierra release on Friday, May 19th, the first taste of their coming soon album Recuerdos del Futuro, with the intention to grow a tribe around a common necessity of connecting with inner Silence and peace. That modern ethnic musical expression seeks to convey a sense of identification with Ancient visions as well as awakening listener’s own inner memories.

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Mexican musician and founder of the band “Cielo y Tierra”, Pedro Vadhar, inspired by the power of spiritual channeling of Native American ancient chants, and the sophistication and positive vibration of progressive pop, creates his own unique genre, result of a process mainly focused on vocal works.
From his beginnings he attracts the attention of a wide public seeking more connection with Mother Earth. In 1994 he records his first album “Cielo y Tierra vol.1”, with the participation of Jon Anderson (Yes) and Dan Lacksman (Deep Forest).
Chicago Tribune, 1995:
“We can define Cielo Y Tierra as a project which is capable of interpreting the feelings that are experienced in this change of eras. In other words, it is a music which takes us out of the ordinary world and into a “no time”, that which makes us remember the nostalgia and images of what we have kept buried and which emerges again as an invisible force in the hearts of people of all ages, people who come together in one historical moment. Forgotten roots and fantasies become real as mature visions appear from behind the commercial product’s screen with elements all their own…”
Nowadays, “Cielo y Tierra” converted itself in a Recording label company, focused on two main goals for this year:
– The release of its fifth album “Recuerdos del Futuro” (Memories of the Future) and a few more albums of unedited songs as well as a compilation of women’s chants from the world: “The Voices of the Goddess”, all produced by Pedro Vadhar.
– Open the wings of the label toward meeting new musical talents, and musical pieces or chants from all over the world, that are related to the same essential ancestral vision of love and light.

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