Introducing Malk Naz


North Carolina — April 24, 2017 — Thriving artists from North Carolina born and raised. Malcolm Martin has been doing music since a very young age. Being exposed to classical, rhythm and blues, Hip Hop and reggae. He has always had a passion for music his exposure begin with his mother playing soothing sounds to him while in the womb.

Malk Naz has work on many different projects of his own such as Purple Rain, The wave, Sauce game, and Tarzan. He has collaborations with up-and-coming rapper D Hud of Owt Of Order Ent. Malk Naz has new tracks for Summer 2017 “Fantom”,”Bumps” “My Pockets” and “Justice League”. His New Album will release Aug 30,2017.

Malk Naz is very talented and versatile he sings, rap, and write his own music. His music tells his story and it reflects his life. Being from the hood he is not a youth that was lost to the streets his music was an outlet. Malk Naz mother has inspired and encouraged him to create music that people can relate to and reflect his life experience and knowledge.

Malk Naz goal is to deliver a positive message that no matter where you’re from it don’t dictate where you’re going besides fighting for our country he’s fighting for a Career in music.

Malk Naz with music being a lifestyle He wants to give back to his community by producing a sound that people can feel

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Malk Naz

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Source: ArtistPR Press Release