Kikurkuyu Kingdom, Timeless Programmatic Short Symphonic Style


Iserlohn, Germany — March 7, 2017 — Jutta is a passionate composer and sonata form being her favorite, a short symphony.

“The Silver Koi” CD was the 1st orchestral music she published with Amazon and CDBaby, album and music score, the sonata form being a short symphony. It’s a piano & taiko composition, crossover that inspires her passionately. The musical song came with the 1st edition of the “The Koi song“. A girl originally sung by herself admires the Butterfly Shusui in high c“ in this English texted song, track 7 in her “Decoy” (“Lokvogel“) album. “Kikukuryu Kingdom” is again liberty, ease and music play (2017) and available at Radio Airplay!

Her favorites are summer festivals like Pink Floyd’s Open Air and romantic programmatic orchestra pieces, “great“ and timeless themes. Her Romeo & Juliet Pentameter Heartbeat piece is included in the CD “Maybirds” (2015), a 5/4 beat corresponding to pentameter of the original Shakespearean drama. Merely play!

Jutta was awarded a B.A. in music education by Freiburg teacher college in 1994.

Jutta is composer, performing artist and educator. She writes, records and edits the music in her own small studio, her first album being the classical sonata “The Silver Koi”. There have not been live performances of her original music yet. With this press release she wants to let her new small fan base grow.


Jutta Mahlke



Source: ArtistPR Press Release