Pretty Tee Drops Ear-Popping New Album ‘Once Upon a Time in Swamp City’


Miami, Florida – January 15, 2017 – Pretty Tee is an up-and-coming rappers out of Florida and an artist listeners will likely be hearing more about in the near future. His love for music inspires him to continue reaching for greatness. He stresses, “This is real music for real fans.”

While his unique sound separates his from the pack, the talented, southern rapper is not just a pro behind the mic. He’s also a writer, producer and CEO of C-Mobb Records. Along with pumping out captivating lyrics and beats that’s sure to get your head bobbing – he has his magazine & indie radio station . He also recently graced the cover of The Underground Fix and Make A Move Magazine.

With that said, to call Pretty Tee an overachiever is definitely an understatement. He’s working extra hard to make things happen – and so far it seems to be paying off. The release of his latest album Once Upon a Time in Swamp City is guaranteed to get any party started, and the crowd energized and eager for more.

Once Upon a Time in Swamp City has many different bangers that fans can turn up to or just chill and relax,” explained Pretty Tee, dding, “The songs are top-notch and only deserve the best respect and recognition money can buy. Songs like “Google Me” and “No Hookah” are true classics with extremely deep messages for the underground rap game. This album is my street resume with many hidden agendas open your ears.”

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Pretty Tee
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