Richard Pierce Milner Finds ‘A Sense of Place’ with Latest Release


A Classical Blend of Jazz and Americana

Albuquerque, New Mexico – December 27, 2016 – An art school grad with a history behind the scenes in film and television, Richard Pierce Milner has done his fair share in the creative field. All the while though, there was a song inside of him looking to get out. So he started making music, a great blend of classical and jazz that allows him to garner the attention from a variety of listeners. He’s released three albums thus far, including his most recent – A Sense of Place.

The album finds a clear balance between the two genres, making it perfect for radio stations that fill their playlists with either or. Working on the piano, Milner pulls from a cascade of experiences he’s been through. Whether it’s the immense traveling he’s done, or his hometown Albuquerque. He’s lived around the world from Holland to New York to San Cristobal de Las Casas and back again, but he notes that New Mexico has always held the most influence on him.

An influence one can hear throughout A Sense of Place. Gaining radio play would allow Milner to broaden his reach, therefore making it easier to get traction in new areas. Which is not only a goal to sell albums, but to insure he has the footing in new areas to play festivals near and far.

Those interested in hearing more from Richard Pierce Milner can check him out online, and those interested in booking him for a show be it a solo showcase or a festival can get in touch via the information below.


Richard Pierce Milner is a solo pianist from Albuquerque who has been around the world and back. With all he’s done on a personal and professional level, he’s created a few studio albums – his latest being A Sense of Place.

Richard Pierce Milner

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