New release from PDS, “Work is Work” tells powerful true story of singer/songwriter


Richmond, Virginia — December 7, 2016 — Song to be featured on upcoming album Old Country.

Country singer and songwriter PDS latest album release Old Country (due out Dec. 14) will feature one of the artist’s most highly-anticipated and heartfelt works to date. The song, title “Work is Work,” takes its inspiration from PDS’s marriage a lifestyle in the 1990s.

The song (those interested can watch the music video here: vividly depicts the struggles and frustrations of not dealing with common issues in a marriage related to stress, overwork, poor communication, and lack of empathy in struggling partners. PDS recalls in his youth how much time he spent working, and how that on the surface of his marriage things seemed fine, but lurking beneath the surface something sinister and problematic was brewing.

“I always worked hard to get ahead, and the cost of that unfortunately was the sacrifice of a lot of good relationships, not excluding my wife,” PDS says. “It’s one of my deepest regrets, and the song is supposed to touch on the double-edged sword of having financial success and a poor relationship, and how hard it is to balance both those things in a marriage.

PDS recalls that while his wife always acknowledged he was a good provider, other aspects of the relationship were lacking that many couples unfortunately still relate too to this day.

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Source: ArtistPR Press Release