Bangalore’s J Gives the 10th Letter of the Alphabet a Whole New Meaning


Bangalore, Karnataka, India – December 5, 2016 – J is going to be the game changer in the Indian music especially the pop scene with his debut single “Beside Me,” a duet which speaks volumes of endless and unconditional love.

Music lovers will find this song very close to their heart and are sure to feel goosebumps. J’s soothing voice has elated the mood and feel of the song to the next level.

At 27-years-old J has traveled from his home in India to the UK and back again to make moves in his career, and he isn’t even close to being done yet. Already a hit with a cover of Michael Jackson that listeners adored, J is only getting started. J says he knew pop was always the route he wanted to take. While he received a lot of love for the Michael Jackson cover, his story wasn’t always about acceptance. He believes when an individual knows what they have inside them, nothing will stop them from making their dreams a reality.

With a few more releases lined up, J only wants to give out ever-reverberating pop tracks,the single “Beside Me” is very befitting opener for a magnanimous dream.


J is a 27-year-old pop artist from India who spent three years convincing his parents that music was the right choice for him. Once they were on board he left to Scotland and London to study not only music business, but vocals as well. Once back in India he covered Michael Jackson, got a lot of praise and started putting those vocal lessons to work. Today he has a plethora of pop songs to call his own.




Source: ArtistPR Press Release