Alfredo Dias Gomes Keeps His ‘Pulse’ On The Beat


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – December 2, 2016 – Listening to the sounds of Brazil, the marriage between jazz and rock is not common. Listeners will not come across it often unless they come across Alfredo Dias Gomes. Numerous articles have been written about his unique style and he’s also been featured on local TV. With six albums to his name, Gomes is has continued to raise the bar with each release – including this year’s Pulse.

Banding with some of the best musicians and songwriters Brazil has to offer, Gomes went on to write and record with the likes of Widor Santiago, Lulu Mirtin, Yuval Ben Lior, Marco Bombom and many more. Together they met in the studio to record songs like “The Other Side,” “Low-Lee-Tah” and the anchor and title track, “Pulse.”

Fans of Chick Corea, Larry Coryell and Billy Cobham are advised to check out what this Brazilian drummer Alfredo Dias Gomes has to offer on his latest release, Pulse. Those interested in hearing more from Alfredo Dias Gomes can check him out below.

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Alfredo Dias Gomes is a Brazilian artist who has taken the best that jazz and rock has to offer, and has made a sound all his own with it down in South America. He’s delivered on six solo records thus far, including his latest – Pulse.

Alfredo Dias Gomes


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