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Nacogdoches, Texas – November 7, 2016 – Working alone with only his synthesizers and drum machines, Byron Lacy is a one man show in the electronic scene. Creating is the core of his existence. On top of being a musician, Lacy is also a celebrated author and sculptor. A master of the arts, he’s focusing in on his current trio of singles this fall.

Currently getting spins on Jango, “Missing Time,” “Three A.M.” and “Mantis and Grays” are all prime examples of what Byron Lacy is capable of not only as an artist but as a composer and producer when creating the tracks as a whole. They are just the start when it comes to what listeners can expect from this creative mind. He plans on pushing the tracks and future ones to music supervisors to get them featured on television and in movies. All three are available now on several platforms; Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes and more.

Lacy spent the early part of his career singing in local bars, crooning country tunes. Then sometime three months ago he did a 180 and turned to the synth side of life. So far it’s proven to be a good change of pace as listeners on Jango are enjoying the tunes and giving Lacy’s music a spin.

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Byron Lacy is a musician, author and sculptor with three singles out right now. New to the electronic scene, Lacy is doing his best and then some to prove this is the scene he is supposed to be in.

Byron Lacy

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