DEEP TRANSIT Unveils ‘A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Cities’


’90s House Artist Drops New Album

Washington D.C. – October 12, 2016 – From the high school band to songwriting soon after graduation, DEEP TRANSIT started making music during the days when House and electronic music was still considered more of an underground scene. He recorded an album then but it was never released, and in between then and now he dropped Dynamic Force of Time last year. While it was some years between the first and second, he did not waste any time between the second and third as he’s set to release A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Cities this fall.

DEEP TRANSIT started out his career back in the ’90s playing venues like The Volt in D.C. It was also during that time that he recorded Traveling in Distant Speed. While he was excited about the music, he never released it. Now though, he’ll be dropping that record just a few months after Brilliant Skylines is introduced to the world. Right now he’s putting his focus on the current music he’s got and preparing to share his lead single.

Inspired by Chicago deep house music/tech house from the US and UK dance scene, DEEP TRANSIT delivers that on a level that he believes is a nostalgic trip, but also a modern release of energy for those who are a fan of the genre. Those interested in DEEP TRANSIT can keep an eye out for A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Cities, out this fall.


DEEP TRANSIT is a house/electronic artist who got his start in the ’90s. Off the high of releasing his sophomore album last year, he is embarking on dropping the follow up, A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Cities, this fall.


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