Hendu’s Groove Looks to Compose for Screens of All Sizes


Studio Musician Sets Sights

Gastonia, North Carolina – September 27, 2016 – With over a dozen records to his name Henderson Cathcart known professionally as Hendu’s Groove has a cascade of sounds to represent what he’s all about. A sound has everything from a variety of basses to percussion to keyboards. All of the above either looped together or on their own have helped this studio musician to carve out his signature style that’s all about creating an assortment of audible emotions that he hopes to showcase in television and movies.

Creating what he called “chillout” music, Hendu’s Groove brings to life a style that would be placed alongside records that were either considered ambient or in the trance family due to their relaxing undertones that allow listeners become mesmerized. At 56-years-old this composer doesn’t play live and doesn’t need to. What he does is for universal consumption, be it in the comfort of one’s own home, or during a scene in a feature film.

Hendu’s Groove 13th album, Time To Chill, was released in May of 2015, and he is currently working on the follow up. He’s noted of the upcoming release, “I will keep many different chillout sounds coming your way, to help you reduce your stress, and relax and chill.”

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Hendu’s Groove is a studio musician with 13 albums under his belt, and a new one on the way who creates music that’s all about relaxation that’s a perfect fit for certain movies and television shows.

Hendu’s Groove          
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Henderson Cathcart
3116 Canterberry Drive, Gastonia, NC 28056
Cell: 828-527-3088; Home: 704-867-9975

Official Site: http://www.hendus-groove.com/
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