Kari Sandvik Delivers ‘Destiny,’ 22 Years in the Making


Ellensburg, Washington – August 28, 2016 – Under the long defunct Miramar Record Label, the album Destiny by singer-songwriter Kari Sandvik, was recorded in 1994 and just released in May of this year. Remastered for the digital world and now available on iYunes, Amazon, Google Play and wherever music is sold, It includes performances by two Grammy nominated artists; Paul Speer and David Lanz. It sounds just as good today as it then, thanks to the genius production skills of Speer.

Speer and Lanz lend their definitive New Age style to a mostly alternative rock/pop/acoustic sound which enhances the rich, vocal layering. Speer not only produced it but plays his amazing “Speerian” electric guitar on every song, and is featured on the title cut “Destiny” and claims, “It’s still the coolest song I’ve ever played on.” The song was a poem written by the artist’s mother who died in 1969. In what can only be described as a “cosmic collaboration,” Kari would add a line of her own after every one of her mother’s. It’s a song with a universal message – questioning our own fate, what is life all about and the yearning for immortality. Lanz plays on three songs and is featured on “Prayer for You.”

A native of Seattle, WA, Kari writes from a place deep inside the soul. The music, being what “feelings sound like,” always come first. “It’s a dream of mine to write for movies and television. I actually created music and performed for a Japanese TV commercial once. l loved it!” Kari has done back round vocals on albums for both Speer and Lanz. She performs solo acoustic sets and is still writing, hoping to be recording again next year.

Those interested can find out more about Kari Sandvik online, and can find Destiny wherever music is sold!


Finally released after 22 years, the album Destiny by Kari Sandvik has been remastered and digitized. Produced by Paul Speer, who performs with fellow Grammy Nominee David Lanz, the album sounds just as good today as it did then. Kari’s rich vocal layering combined with Lanz and Speer’s talent weave a sublime soundscape, and is now available wherever digital music is sold.

Kari Sandvik
Kari Smith

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