Joel Fahie Sings of The Hood


Brooklyn, New York – June 29, 2016 – Joel Fahie is about change and wants to see it in the music industry all the way. With a great rapping style with a deep voice, he speaks about the hood and whats really going on in the ghetto with his own lyrics and hooks in tow.

Growing up, he had a rough life due to losing his mom, grandma and grandfather. On top of that he’s lived in the hood for 25 years as a good guy. He smiles a lot knows that he is a outcast to the world because of his grin. He has managed to avoid trouble his whole life, as he created a peaceful environment for himself in the hood, even If it may have cost him his life. Fahie’s story is real, and he doesn’t understand sometimes why he has been faced with separation from the world.

Fahie is passionate about his music and uses his music to cause a change. He is an influential artist and is dedicated to what he says even though he has been looked at like a bad guy all his life. A constant church goer, he loves his music as much as he loves to inspire people threw his songs. With his music, he not only wants to inspire listeners, but make a living so that he can help his father who is another country, in a tough spot.


Joel Fahie is an artist who has learned to smile through the toughest times, even when he’s making music about his ups and downs growing up in the hood. His song “In My Hood” gives an eyeopening look inside a world less talked about, the hood of America.

Joel Fahie



Source: ArtistPR Press Release