Get To Know Virginia’s Lyrical Architect D.Tayls


Norfolk,Virginia — June 7, 2016 — D. Tayls comes out Norfolk,VA a city where much talent is overlooked and only a certain few get heard. Destined to keep it within the craft D.Tayls refuse to submit to the dumbed-out sound and stick to help uplifting true lyricism back to Hip Hop.

DTayls’ music is about a plethora of things from the widespread of love, knowledge, positive energy, spiritual connection, different dimensions, the universe, political views, the streets, struggle, poverty, drugs, riches, luxury, and being fully aware of this universe. DTayls brings you all that in one package, using his lyricism and versatility he combined both to create a voice for knowledge, love, and street awareness. On a creative level the only other artists that DTayls compares himself to is Lupe Fiasco,Tupac, and Kendrick Lamar.

When it comes to making music especially HipHop I want to help bring back true creativeness and craftiness. I want to help bring back awareness to the Lyrics again! D.Tayls releases new single “UnWind” off of soon to be released album The Climax Pt. If you looking for originality and true creativeness back to Hip Hop check out new music by D.Tayls. Definitely a Classic!

Go to and get free download of “TrapLords” and info on singles and album that’s available for purchase!


D.Tayls is all about creating 90’s style of Hip Hop in today’s time. With hooks being the main-seller of a song today, D.Tayls is trying to showcase his craftiness with his lyrics. His style and flow is influenced by an era in Hip Hop was in it’s highest and purest form, the 90’s.

Kenny Headen
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