Olivier Award Winner Lorna Want Shines On Various Stages


Acoustic Earth’s Lead Singer Takes on Carole King

London, England – May 26, 2016 – Showing talent as a child, Lorna Want soon found herself on television at a young age. Come 15 she was debuting in Romeo and Juliet the Musical in the West End. Since then she’s been in everything from Evita to Footloose to her award winning role as Cynthia Weil in London’s Beautiful – The Carole King Musical. When she isn’t on the theatre stage though, fans can find her fronting the pop band, Acoustic Earth.

Alongside Want in the band is guitarist Pete Walton, bassist Rory McFarlane, Andy Findon on flute and James Turner on the drums. Together they’ve played in and outside of their hometown in London but right now the band is focusing on their latest release, EP Amen, which dropped May 13, 2016 and putting the touring on hold for a minute. Pausing the touring to allow Want to focus on her time on stage as Weil in Beautiful – The Carole King Musical. Her performance has been making waves and has garnered her an Olivier Award; the West End equivalent to a Tony Award stateside.

Want’s voice is that of a pop act that has lived. Drawing from the vocal stylings of George Ezra and Carly Rae Jepsen, she blends her influences and gives listeners a sound that captures those catchy hooks here and there, and that allows listeners to grab hold and not let go. Want’s gorgeous voice can be heard on Acoustic Earth’s Amen, as well as on stage in Beautiful.

Those interested in hearing more from Lorna Want can check out Acoustic Earth’s site now.

Lorna Want is the lead singer of pop-band Acoustic Earth, as well as an Olivier Award winner for her current role as Cynthia Weil in Beautiful – The Carole King Musical in London.

Pete Walton

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