Allyson Murrell pushes boundaries with new multi-genre album, “Inspiration!”


Allyson Murrell pushes boundaries with new multi-genre album, “Inspiration!”

Having released 3 singles in the last two years, Allyson has now released her debut album, Inspiration! This 8-track album was launched on online stores, including iTunes and BandCamp, on June 1st, 2015. If you haven’t heard it already, take some time to give it a listen!
“Her music is not just run-of-the-mill. Allyson’s lyrics are heartfelt and the music suits them beautifully… for each song, she does something different.” – Hilary Apfelstadt, Director of Choral Studies, University of Toronto

Originally from Pickering, Ontario, Allyson Murrell is constantly writing music and working on new material that explores various genres and musical styles. In addition to 6 brand new tracks, her album contains two pre-released singles: the lyrical, heartfelt recording, “Regrets,” and its alter ego, the upbeat dance tune, “All That You’ve Got.” As a singer-songwriter, Allyson’s music travels through various musical genres based on the images and feelings she wants to evoke from her listeners. She explains, “The songs I write are from the heart; they focus on raw feelings and memories that everyone experiences at some point in their lives, and their purpose is to draw out raw feelings and memories from those who hear them. Some are meant to make you dance, some to make you cry, and some to make you think – but all are meant to make you feel something.”

As the name suggests, the album follows the theme of searching for inspiration, whether it be through art, romance, or discovering your life purpose. Almost every song on the album, save the bonus track, reflects the feelings of a person who is striving for an awakening, in a culture where such an experience is hard to come by. The bonus track, “The Best Thing,” ends the album on a more optimistic, playful note, with a catchy tune you won’t be able to get out of your head!

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