Philly based Experimental Folk act i am Love descends on Florida



Contact: E.B. Nash
Phone: 267-683-2827
City, State: Austin, TX

Philadelphia based group I am Love has taken to the Sunshine State to finish their debut full length.   The band will be tracking and mixing at North Ave Studio in Orange City August into September.  I am Love has been widely known for their theatrical live performances having been called “more of an artistic statement then just a musical act”, with front man Joshua Christopher dawning his patent handlebar mustache, top hat, and tailcoat, it’s not hard to see why, often earning their music the description of “Carnival-Folk”.

The musical content however often has a serious tone with songs about suicide and death, rape and abuse, they claim to approach these serious issues “without fear” in an almost confrontational manner which Christopher says is “intended to bring healing and forgiveness”.

Christopher himself has been in the area for a few months now, spending much of his time hiding out on an island near the Space Coast where he’s overseeing the construction of a Pirate Ship being built by a friend of his.

For one thing, this band certainly has a knack for the unordinary.   I am Love will be hitting a few Florida clubs and café’s while here so be sure to check their website for show dates and catch what is sure to be an entertaining act.   The band’s latest album is set for release in October.  Go to for more info.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release