New Best Rapper Alive!!!


The streets are talking: yTank is one of the hottest, upcoming rappers in the game right now! And what the streets want, the streets shall get. Born Dar’rell Thomas and representing Dayton, Ohio, yTank has waded through a fierce lifestyle of getting into trouble and staying that way in search for an outlet to unleash the anger of watching his mom struggle and work three jobs to make ends meet. While he felt helpless in his efforts to bring his family out of the struggle, he soon discovered his passion: MUSIC. His stress transformed into a work of art that he carried with him from street battles, to talent shows, to the studio and ultimately to becoming elite amongst his peers. The complexity and creativity of his thoughts offer a tour through the mind of this upcoming lyricists and mind-blowing punch lines that show and prove that he is not a force to messed with. While the streets patiently await Tanks highly anticipated debut, he continues to stay in the mix; working hard to bring forth everything you all have been waiting for; and trust you won’t be waiting much longer. For Booking Contact: Donnie Esters Phone Number: 912-980-1002 City/State:Hinesville, GA


Source: ArtistPR Press Release