Poetic Pictures New artist Album C-Noch


C-Noch/Antoine James Management (313)713-3151 james_management_consulting@yahoo.com Detroit MI Hailing from Motown, C-Noch was surrounded by a rich music history at a very young age. Born in Highland Park, Michigan, C-Noch grew up less than 10 miles from Hitsville and often dreamed of making it big in the music industry. Like many R&B artists from the Motown era, C-Noch began his musical career singing gospel. Revival Tabernacle was the place where it all began. Revival Tabernacle provided the foundation for the soulful voice that now defines C-Noch’s rhythmic sound. Revival Tabernacle is also where C-Noch developed an ear for composing. That ear matured into a passion for music. As C-Noch matured, he fine-tuned his passion by participating in band, as the drum section leader in 7th and 8th grade at Henry Ford Academy. Remaining in the same community where he was born served as quite the motivating force in his life. His sites were never far from Hitsville, making it difficult to take his eyes off of the prize of a successful career in the entertainment industry. Even though the Motown headquarters had shifted to the West Coast, the lingering beat of musical success still ignited creativity in the youth of Detroit. C-Noch’s desire had surpassed the ignite-phase, he had developed a burning passion for success. C-Noch attended Highland Park High School where he served as drum section leader from 9th grade through graduation. It was in the halls of Highland Park High that C-Noch met MJ Robinson, DeJuan Varner, J-Vibe, and Chris. Together with the addition of C-Noch’s younger brother, Dr. Mario, the teens formed a group called God’s Promise. The 6-member group performed locally for some of the largest congregations in the city of Detroit including Perfecting Church and Hartford Memorial Baptist Church. As the word spread about this talented half-dozen, the group accepted an invitation to perform at Governor John Engler’s inauguration. This was a huge booking for a local high school music group. Their fame grew and enabled the God’s Promise to launch a grueling weekly show and national travel schedule that eventually led to international booking, in Montreal, Quebec Canada. Ultimately the travel and practice took its toll on the students. God’s Promise disbanded so that the teens could focus on their senior year of high school and graduation. Not long after graduating from high school, C-Noch and MJ Robinson formed Woodward Ave. Woodward Ave sustained a short life span and was abruptly placed on pause when C-Noch joined Job Corps and relocated to NY. While in New York, C-Noch performed in local venues as a solo act, primarily composing, playing piano, and singing. C-Noch returned to the Detroit area after remaining in New York for only 1 year. Upon his return Woodward Ave was revamped with the addition of Dr. Mario and J-Vibe. The group, armed with a new name and minus two members, shifted focus from the gospel roots of God’s Promise to an R&B, Neo Soul, and Hip Hop genre. Woodward Ave continues to perform locally and has become a local favorite at places like Tropical Hut & Hart Plaza, in downtown Detroit during the Summer festival series. With the release of new CD, “Poetic Picture’s”, C-Noch takes a few steps closer to his dream as a solo artist. The CD features C-Noch’s talents as a complete package. C-Noch performed lead and background vocals, writing, composing, and music for all 14 tracks. “Poetic Pictures” offers listeners romantic ballads mingled with heavy baseline to groove to, while flirty lyrics keep the party going well beyond curfew. “Rock to we drop’,” is a phrase that describeshis mind-set state. He is determined to gain foothold in the Music Industry and has the talent and creativity to become another shining Motown star.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release