2014 Will See Release Of Concrete Justice, Artist’s Third Album

New York, New York, United States of America – March 19th, 2014 – Sean McLean is a solo hip hop artist who is fast making a name for himself with his no-nonsense, tell it like it is style. His music has already been featured on Radio Airplay.

Talking about his lyrical style, Sean McLean says “although you can compare my music to the sounds of those rappers I grew up with, I set myself apart by saying it in a different way – I give a new perspective to timeless issues. It’s about raising awareness about things that affect each of us, all day, everyday”

2011 saw the release of McLean’s debut album, Cemetery Wake, swiftly followed by his second album, Inspiration. In the three years since, he has been working hard in the studio preparing his third album, Concrete Justice, which has just been released this year and Case Closed to be released soon.

McLean has bright hopes for his future hip hop career, and plans to invest in his own businesses, working hard to emulate the success of other stars, such as Dr. Dre and his beats headphones, who have used their musical success to build business empires.

Keep your ears open for this exciting new hip hop artist, who is set to make waves on the scene this year with his new album, Concrete Justice


About Sean McLean

Sean McLean is a talented young hip hop lyricists hailing from New York. With two albums released in 2011 and a third, Concrete Justice, released in 2014, he has already proven himself a hit with fans of the genre. Stay tuned for his new release Case Closed.

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Source: ArtistPR Press Release