Jason Wells just release his 3rd full length CD “The Modern Vintage Movement”



Frankfort, IN – Jason Wells (http://www.jasonwellsmusic.com) has just release his 3rd full length CD “The Modern Vintage Movement”. In a time when we have all the latest technology we find our selve recreating things of the past. Jason Wells has been waiting for this time becuase his music is a blast from the past. Filled with guitar driven blues riffs, Jason’s music guaranteed to hit your vintage rock nerve!

Jason’s music keeps evolving and his songwriting contunues to grow to new depths. His influences growing up were Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, SRV, and you can hear all of them in his music. If you are a fan of down right dirty guitar riffs and bluesy soul rock music you will fall in love with this album.

After quiting his job to pursue a music career, Mr Wells has been steadily climbing up the ranks in his career.

Jason Bio:

Jason Wells walked away from the security of an hourly job to pursue a music career. Many have called him crazy, but Jason realized that you only have one life to live and he wants to make a difference with his life. In 2008 when the economy went bad and everyone was loosing there jobs, Jason didn’t escape the trouble. He was laid off work for a year and a half and turned that opportunity into his chance to start his music career. A year and a half later Jason had the chance to go back to work, and he caved in to the pressure of what seemed sensible. But four months later, Jason father passed away from cancer. This was the moment he realized that he was in the wrong place. Many thought he was not handling the loss very well but to Jason, it was fuel to the fire to start living.

“The Modern Vintage Movement” was recorded at Sound Edge Studios in Central IN. You can order a physical copy of this album at http://www.jasonwellsmusic.com andit is also available in almost every download store, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify…

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-modern-vintage-move…

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