Another new album from Canary Burton and more to follow



Wellfleet, Massachusetts, USA – Canary Burton has just released an electroacoustic album called LOU LOU & BIRD soundpaintings 2012 through CDBaby. This will filter through many outlets including, but not only, eMusic, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, Media Net, iTunes and so on. This album is fun to listen to. It’s not quite music, but it’s not noise either.

Canary and Marylou Blakeslee started creating sound art 30 years ago, layering up sounds using several boom boxes, water in a tub, plastic tubing, imagination and funny voices. During the years from then we learned there is a whole school of music called electroacoustic and graduated from boom boxes to tape machines. This album is the first of will be a yearly release.

Canary Burton wears a lot of hats. Before Lou Lou she has a choral album “Women in Harmony” sung by the prestigious Tempus Floridum chorus directed by Prof. Joan Yakkey at the Music School of Fiesole in Florence, Italy.

Canary’s first album, “Piano Music from Cape Cod” was originally to be sold at restaurants where she played piano. John Zielinski, now of Boston Conservatory,
is the performer.

Canary produces her albums herself with the help of Tom Tracy, her engineer. Her company, Seabird Studio is reflected in her website and her email address.

You can reach Canary Burton at visit her website at or call her at 1 315 935-6636. You can mail her something at Box 3057 Wellfleet, Ma 02667.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release